Friday change over day

Please note weeks will be open to  booking for next year one week after the corresponding week this the year. This is to enable the present guests to re-book for next year.

Arrive from 4pm -  Depart before 10am

Short stays welcome during Winter/Autumn months

Please note that we advertise on both Vrbo  and TripAdvisor, both of them give you extra security should anything goes wrong. They both have a service charge of around 10%+.

If you wish to avoid this service charge and forgo the extra security you can contact us directly via email to sea.whisper.cornwall@gmail.com we only accept payment by BACS or cheque. Please note if you start the procedure with Vrbo or Tripadvisor the booking must continue with them. 

Availability for 2021 is nearly  fully booked and available dates are limited to December 2021, 10th to 13th and 16th to the 28th,

Please contact us at sea.whisper.cornwall@gmail.com for further details.